Suspecting Her

Published September 2021
E rin O’Connor is broke in more ways than one. A rising star in the art world, her last showing crashed and burned, wrecking her marriage on the way down. Now her finances are in ruins and she may have to leave New York City. To help Erin out, her best friend Nat Robicheaux, a Black journalist, hires her to help research a story about racist practices at a local realty company.
Catherine Williams, Sumter Realty’s top saleswoman, thought she was done with relationships when her last one imploded. But when Erin walks into one of her open houses, all bets are off. She invites Erin to a private showing. Then, she asks her to dinner. And a friend’s wedding. The more time she spends with Erin, the deeper she falls.
When Nat pressures Erin to find out if Catherine is part of the Sumter problem before she goes to press, the resulting fallout could send Erin and Catherine’s chance at happiness up in flames.

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Della B


This is not your average romance novel. It explores the real world with all its ugliness and chaos and the million hurts we create in interpersonal relationships.[...] It scrutinizes the themes of white privilege, racism and discrimination while also examining self worth and trust in relationships.[...]

This well written novel made me think long and hard to understand my response to each character and the storyline. It challenged me and I loved that it did. I highly recommend this book if you are up for the challenge.