Cold Case Heat

Published September 2023
F orty years ago, Sydney Hansen’s best friend was murdered. His killer left her a menacing note. Now the man Syd suspected was behind the killing has died—and she receives another threat, attached to a photo of her thirteen-year-old great-niece. Terrified but angry, she turns to the NYPD and Detective Gale Sterling to reopen the case.
Gale has been handling cold cases for over a decade, burying herself in her work and caring for her elderly father, a former detective himself. But this case isn’t like the others. Maybe it’s Sydney Hansen—she finds her beauty captivating. Or maybe it’s the bullet she takes for Syd one night when their date turns into an impromptu stakeout.
Syd and Gayle just want to protect the innocent and bring a killer to justice, but as their feelings for each other grow the once cold case turns dangerously hot.

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Heidi (ReadingGrrl)

Paper Safari

I really enjoyed this story. I find with a lot of lesbian mystery romances it's more about the romance than the actual mystery but this was not. The cold case of what happened to Wyatt is a twisty winding road that has many possible suspects, missing evidence, a mole in the NYPD and a tap on Sydneys computer.[...]

Well written with a great mystery and so many layers to a brutal murder that happened many many years ago. It seems MM romances are all the rage but lesbian stories don't get as much press or love. This is definitely a good one. Not every character is gay and the story line will have you second guessing yourself over and over.