Suspecting Her

Published Sept 14, 2021
Erin O’Connor is broke in more ways than one. A rising star in the art world, her last showing crashed and burned, wrecking her marriage on the way down. Now her finances are in ruins and she may have to leave New York City. To help Erin out, her best friend Nat Robicheaux, a Black journalist, hires her to help research a story about racist practices at a local realty company.
Catherine Williams, Sumter Realty’s top saleswoman, thought she was done with relationships when her last one imploded. But when Erin walks into one of her open houses, all bets are off. She invites Erin to a private showing. Then, she asks her to dinner. And a friend’s wedding. The more time she spends with Erin, the deeper she falls...

Forging a Desire Line

Published May 2020
Charley Owens is content with her life. She has her super-organized job, her super-clean apartment, her long-time friends, and her cats. That’s all she needs after the crumbling of her twenty-five-year relationship, even if her friends keep trying to set her up with someone new.

But when she meets the handsome and aloof Joanna, she’s forced to reevaluate what it is she wants, and maybe what’s been missing…

"Strand of Pearls"

from Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Vol. 5
Published December 2020
She was a young MBA student in the 1980s who favored a Marine buzz cut, suits and wing tips. Needing to work while in school, she found herself temping for one of the most powerful women in one of the largest ad agencies on Madison Avenue. Now a successful tech CEO thirty years later, she sits in front of a roaring fire on this cold winter’s night, in her hand a single malt scotch as fine as Pamela was, reminiscing about her affair with the beautiful goddess, still able to conjure the scent of the cherry shaving cream Pamela insisted she use to shave her as smooth as glass each time they made love…


from Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Vol. 4
Published December 2019
When Kay finds herself at Women’s Night at the men’s leather and BDSM club Leviathan with her wife Laura and their friends, she wonders what she’s opened herself up to. Until she meets Teddy, a handsome femdom who offers to help Kay and Laura explore their desires. And Kay learns that the secret she’s kept from her wife, to be taken by another woman while she watches, runs much deeper than that.