Della B


This is not your average romance novel. It explores the real world with all its ugliness and chaos and the million hurts we create in interpersonal relationships.[...] It scrutinizes the themes of white privilege, racism and discrimination while also examining self worth and trust in relationships.[...]

This well written novel made me think long and hard to understand my response to each character and the storyline. It challenged me and I loved that it did. I highly recommend this book if you are up for the challenge.

  • Corey

    I highly recommend [Forging a Desire Line] if you like slow burns, full lives, sharp laughter, mature outlooks, relationships that make you think, hot and emotional sex scenes, intelligent dialogue, and messy turns that follow the “desire lines” off the established path.[...]

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  • Joc

    [...]There is a beautiful reality in [Forging a Desire Line] that isn’t immediately obvious. I found I wanted to label and box each character as they entered the story but they stubbornly refused to stay there. There are so many grey areas in relationships and life that it’s never as simple as girl meets girl, they fall in love, they fall out and then make up. Life, like this novel is nuanced, and complicated and feelings don’t just move along when one wants them to.[...]

  • Kat

    [Forging a Desire Line] is such a loving story. Sad at times, because how can you say good bye to someone who left you long time ago, but you still care about. Funny at times, when you meet new people and create new memories. I really liked both characters. They grew together, took time to develop their feelings, and make sure they enter their relationship when they are ready.

    This is a first one for me from Mary and I am a fan from now on.


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